Emigrating to America: pros- and cons

The American Dream: America is known to be the country of opportunities, hope and optimism. The pleasant weather, openness of Americans and the endless job opportunities are just some of the reasons why someone might want to move to the States. However, out of those who start dreaming about moving to America, there are just a small few who actually pull through with it. That is because emigrating to the VS is a big step. Do you need that last nudge to convince you? Windmill Forwarding will gladly explain to you everything surrounding a big relocation to the VS. We have summed up all the pros- and cons in this blog.

Moving to America: pros

Hospitality of the people:

Americans are known for their friendliness and hospitality. You will always be treated with a friendly “how are you?” anywhere you go. Compared to how ‘down to earth’ the Dutch can be, this might be a big contrast. However, Americans do tend to think more in stereotypes. So be prepared to get asked whether you live in Amsterdam and go to work in clogs!

Job opportunities:

America is the country of endless possibilities! The amazing job opportunities are just one reason why people decide to move to the States. Most internationals are located in America, making it the perfect country to move to if you are in need of a career boost! The sky is the limit: Americans believe in equal opportunities for everyone to become successful. 

Gorgeous nature:

From the Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls: America is known for its amazing nature. The US has nature parks- and nature reserves all across the country, making it an excellent vacation spot for anyone! It also happens to be the only country in the world that has 6 climate zones. Do you love the beach? The US knows many coastlines and deserts. Not a fan of the heat? No problem: America has various mountains and amazing hiking trails! 

Moving to America: cons

Having a car is a necessity:

Public transport is poorly developed in the US. Moreover, it’s a huge country: everything is far apart from each other. This makes having a car in the US a necessity. In addition, American infrastructure is not designed for biking and walking to places, which is why you will rarely see an American do so. Something to keep in mind if you are into cycling or walking!

Health insurance costs:

Other than being famous for all the Hollywood movies, the land of the free is also known for high healthcare spending. It is not uncommon for hospitalization costs to add up to several thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars.Therefore, it is recommended to get your health insurance in good order before you decide to move to the US. 

The Green Card:

Moving from the Netherlands to the US can be quite the challenge. The main reason for this is that acquiring a visa can be tricky. Applying for the so-called ‘Green Card’ is a process that can sometimes take up to six months. Not everyone can qualify for one either: there are a lot of requirements one has to meet before qualifying. 

Everything summed up:

Moving to America has both pros- and cons. The people may be really hospitable, job opportunities endless and nature gorgeous. However, America is also inevitably tied to complex visa regulations, high medical bills and poor infrastructure.

Don’t get put off by this though! Windmill Forwarding is specialized in international relocation services and emigrations. We have years of experience providing relocation services to the US. Moreover, at Windmill Forwarding we are experts in handling customs formalities. Our highly trained team of experts are ready to assist you in moving to the States! 

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