Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular emigration destination. For years, people from all over the world have been relocating to New Zealand to build a new life there.

Is it the space, the nature, the relaxed way of living? Moving to New Zealand is a dream for many. For those who realize their dream, Windmill Forwarding has in many cases arranged the international removals.

Windmill Forwarding & New Zealand
New Zealand is a well-known destination for Windmill Forwarding. We have extensive experience in New Zealand and have been working with our regular moving agent for many years. This cooperation is perfect and key to a carefree move.

Windmill Forwarding delivers your belongings in any city, village or town.

Receive information regarding the clearance of your shipment in New Zealand.

In case of emigration, it happens regularly that our customers choose to ship a fully loaded container. This is not necessarily necessary as far as we are concerned. You are also more than welcome with smaller shipments. In that case, we offer you our advantageous rates for groupage shipping.

Windmill Forwarding makes international removals possible for everyone.

Groupage service
Windmill Forwarding regularly ships groupage containers to New Zealand. For your move to New Zealand, you can count on us for any volume. Whether you are moving to a city, a village, or the countryside, Windmill Forwarding will deliver your shipment to your new home, wherever that may be.

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