Checklist international relocation

There are many things to coordinate when moving abroad. Planning ahead is essential to save time and avoid stress. We have created a checklist to help you prepare. Read more here…

International Relocation Process

Moving abroad? Get ready for all the things that need to be arranged. It is convenient to structure the relocation process by dividing it into stages.

  • 2-3 months before the move
  • 4 weeks before the move
  • 2 weeks before the move
  • 1 week before the move
  • 1 day before the move
  • moving day

Windmill Forwarding has created a checklist with the main actions to be addressed when planning your relocation. Keep in mind that this is a general overview; the moving process varies according to each particular case. You should complete the list with any tasks specific to your circumstances.

2-3 months before your move

  • Make sure all passports are valid. Check the minimum validity that applies to your country of destination.
  • When necessary, lodge your visa application. You can do it yourself or leave it to a specialist. For example, you can contact the visa office in The Hague (
  • Book your flights. If necessary, make hotel reservations for the days before departure and upon arrival to the country of destination.
  • Contact the GGD ( to check which vaccinations are recommended/mandatory. Clearly state that it concerns an international relocation/emigration.
  • Check whether you need an international driver’s license. It is advisable to arrange this in the Netherlands. You can order one at the ANWB.  (
  • Set the exact moving dates in order to have a clear deadline to work towards.
  • If you live in a rented property, terminate your lease. If you are a home owner, put your house up for sale or lease through a rental company such as A&N Vastgoed (
  • Cancel your mobile phone subscription or consider transferring to a prepaid plan if you wish to keep your number. 
  • Terminate the contract with your internet service provider. 
  • Contact Windmill Forwarding to request a quote for your international move. 

4 weeks before your move

2 weeks before the move

  • Make sure your tickets and hotel reservations are in your phone and/or printed. Keep all passports and other important documents together in one folder.
  • Request for packing boxes to be delivered if you chose a relocation service in which you do the packing yourself.
  • Pack any necessary medication and check whether it is available in the country of destination. Ask a doctor for a covering letter to present in customs. If needed, request your digital medical file from your doctor/dentist. 

1 week before the move

  • Start packing the items that you will not need until the relocation is over.
  • Keep aside the items that you will take with you.
  • If necessary, make an appointment for the collection of bulky waste.
  • Deregister from the municipality stating the reason as emigration.
  • Cancel gas, water and power services. 
  • Sell your car (if applicable).

1 day before your move

  • Defrost and clean the refrigerator.
  • Defrost and clean the freezer.
  • Disassemble your furniture if you chose a relocation service in which you do this yourself.
  • Leave the front of your house clear to reserve space for the moving van (park your car somewhere else and ask the neighbours to leave the space available).

The day of your move

  • Make sure all cash, debit cards and medicines are in your hand luggage.
  • Keep your packed suitcases separate and/or take them to the hotel.
  • Inspect the house to confirm that nothing has been left behind.
  • Make sure all utility meters have been recorded.
  • Let Windmill Forwarding do all the heavy lifting…

Tip: if your budget allows it, we strongly suggest that you book a hotel for a few nights during the packing and moving days. You can leave your luggage and important things in the hotel for peace of mind. A hotel room will give you the privacy to rest from many emotions during international relocation.

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