The advantages of groupage

Groupage is the best way to save costs on your international move. When you move abroad, you want to take all or part of your belongings with you. These removal goods are transported by container to the country of your destination. This can be done in several ways, with groupage offering the most advantages. Windmill Forwarding is an experienced partner with excellent groupage services. We are happy to tell you more about what it is and what the main advantages are.

What exactly is groupage?

Groupage is the sending of removal goods in which the container is further supplemented with shipments from others. Your household items can be transported separately in their own container, however, this is more expensive as it takes up more space. In the vast majority of cases, the container is not completely filled with your removal items. By means of groupage, costs are reduced and containers are filled more efficiently.  The space you need for your shipment of removal goods is only part of the container. This, of course, also applies to other shipments. These shipments can be transported together in a single container. 

1. Lower transport costs

If you transport your household goods separately in a container, you will often find a lot of empty space. Because you pay for the entire container, you also pay for the space you do not use. When several shipments are transported in a single container, the costs are divided. With groupage, you only pay for the space in the container that is actually occupied by your removal items. The remaining space in the container is paid for by the parties who have also added a shipment to the container. This will save you a lot of money.

2. Faster processing is often possible

We are currently dealing with a global capacity issue. This means that there are more containers to be transported than there are ships available to transport these containers. Unfortunately, as a result, containers with important shipments from companies are often given priority over containers with removal goods. Containers containing private property are lower on the industry priority list, which can cause significant delays in the transport of your removal goods. The more people make use of groupage, the smaller the amount of containers and thus, the chance of delays. This benefits everyone.

3. Better for the environment

We are all trying to live more sustainably. By now, we are all noticing the negative effects of global warming. We see what climate change does to the world, to nature, to animals and, of course, to humans. This means that we need to pay full attention to reducing the burden on the environment. When you opt for groupage, you are making an environmentally conscious choice. The impact on the environment is, in fact, a lot lower than if you opt for individual transport. Groepage provides the most efficient delivery that ensures that the ecological footprint is reduced. The fuller the containers are, the fewer containers need to be transported. This means that less transport is needed and, ultimately, equals the most sustainable working method.

Enjoy the benefits of groupage

Windmill Forwarding is the founder of groupage. We know better than anyone that this form of transporting household goods has many advantages. Are you moving abroad and do you want to take full advantage of these benefits? Then we are, of course, ready for you. We are your experienced partner for emigration, removals and groupage services. For more information, advice or a quote, please contact us.

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