Moving abroad with pets: What you need to know

Moving with pets can be a challenge even without moving abroad. If you want to emigrate with your pets, there is quite a bit more to it. To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, for you as well as your pets, it is important that everything is arranged in time. What do you need to do? Windmill Forwarding is happy to help!

Pet passports and chipping

First of all, your pet needs a passport, just like you do. Many pets already have these, but that is not always the case. It is important to make sure that your pets are microchipped if you are moving abroad with pets. Furthermore, the chip must be registered. Many people forget this, but it is mandatory. We recommend you register the chip immediately after chipping. Do you pets not have a passport yet? Then you need to apply for a European Pet Passport prior to moving. Are your pets under 3 months old? Then we recommend asking your vet for advice regarding the country you want to emigrate to, as different rules and regulations will apply.

Dogs and cats must have a EU Pet Passport, so that it can clearly show what kind of animal it is and if it is up-to-date on all important vaccinations. Are you moving abroad with a bird? Then you will need a CITES statement.

Know the rules for abroad

Every country is different when it comes to dealing with imported animals. If you are emigrating with your pet, it is important to check which rules apply in your destination country. Your animals might have to be quarantined temporarily or could be mandatory for your dog to wear a muzzle. Rules vary per country, so check this carefully. This way you avoid any unpleasant surprises that can also cause delays. In certain cases, you might also need an additional health declaration on top of the pet passport.

Moving with pets outside the EU and NDG registration

Are you moving to a country outside the EU? Then it is important that your dog, cat or ferret has an NDG chip. Under no circumstances will an animal be allowed to cross the border without one, unless it has a legible tattoo. In any case, it is still the best option to have a registered NDG chip. Additionally, all animals must be up-to-date on the required vaccinations, the last of which must be given at least 21 days before departure.

Emigrate safely and without worries

Appropriate transportation for your pets is crucial. Are they travelling with you? By plane or perhaps by boat? Proper arrangements are important for a smooth journey. Remember that moving abroad is not only stressful for you, but also for your pets. This increases the risk of running away. Make sure your pets cannot escape during transit or upon arrival. Windmill Forwarding works closely with an experienced partner who helps move pets to your country of destination. Would you like more information or would you like some personal advice? Feel free to contact us!

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