Emigrating to the United States

    Windmill Forwarding can move you from and to any country around the world.

    However, moving to the US can be quite stressful, which totally makes sense of course. Moving to the US does not only mean you leave a country, but also an entire continent. Put differently, leaving Europe for the United States means a lot of worries might be coming your way. What documents do you still need to arrange? How do you make sure nothing gets forgotten? Emigrating to the US can be quite the challenge. This is why it’s important to be able to rely on an experienced party that can provide you with the right help and guidance throughout your move. Windmill Forwarding specializes in international relocation and will gladly assist you with the entire relocation process.  

    Moving from Europe to the United States means there is a lot more paperwork you have to work through, compared to a relocation within Europe. In fact, the amount of paperwork is so extensive that you might want to reconsider moving to the US entirely! You need to have the right documents for everything. Moreover, you cannot move your belongings over land: you will have to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Do not worry though: Windmill Forwarding is there for you! 

    Windmill Forwarding makes emigrating to the VS easier

    For whatever reason you might be moving to the US, you want to make sure that the entire relocation goes by smoothly. For that you can count on the expertise of the employees at Windmill Forwarding. International relocations are quite extensive and require to be split up in multiple phases in order to ensure a smooth move. At Windmill Forwarding we have set up various departments, specializing in each phase of the international relocation process. This way we are always able to provide you with the right guidance throughout the entire process. 

    We are aware that each and every relocation to the US is unique. Naturally, this is also the case for both private and business relocations. Because every relocation is different, it could be that you do not need every single service that’s included in our packages. To make sure you never have to pay for services you might not need we always offer various services you can choose from. 

    Benefits of Windmill Forwarding services

    Windmill Forwarding provides you with the best benefits to make your relocation to the US as smooth as possible. We always provide our clients with an entire checklist of things that you have to arrange in each phase of the moving process. Things included on this checklist are, for instance, signing certain documents, canceling existing contracts and arranging the necessary visa paperwork. 

    Of course Windmill Forwarding is able to relocate every single one of your belongings. However, in most relocations to the US people like to bring as little as possible with them. This often means that a client cannot fill a single container to the brim. This is why we offer beneficial groupage services for those that cannot fill an entire container with cargo. Using our groupage services means you will only pay for the space that you take up in the container, saving you a lot of costs. Groupage is the most efficient method for the relocation of household goods at attractive rates. Please feel free to contact us for more information about relocating to the United States. 

    Specific country information

    Regulations vary from one country to another. Select your country of destination here. You will receive all information regarding the specific country directly in your mailbox. Please note that these rules are subject to change. For any questions, please contact Windmill Forwarding. We are happy to assist you.

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