How to deal with the stress of an international move?

The process of moving abroad requires a lot of work. Apart from finding a reliable international moving company, there are many other things to organize. 

Made up your mind about relocating? 

Once you have made the decision to move abroad, you must book your tickets and apply for the necessary visas. Perhaps you wish to book a hotel before your departure and upon arrival in the country of destination. When traveling with children, inform their school in advance and consider any education certificates that may be needed at the time of enrolling them in a new school. Check out our checklist for international moving to keep track. 

Check the COVID guidelines and requirements in the country of destination.

Remember your pets. Arrange their transportation with time and ask an authorized specialist to give you all the latest information about travelling with animals. Check out Skyfast, specialist in moving pets internationally. (

International Moving Companies

Make an appointment with Windmill Forwarding to thoroughly discuss your needs and start planning your move.

Windmill Forwarding has over 10 years of experience providing international moving services. You can contact our enthusiastic team to ask any questions. 

Shortly after your appointment you will receive a personalized quote. Upon your approval, you can request a few packing boxes to be delivered to your house. You may begin packing the (personal) items that you do not use regularly. Download here the tips for planning an international removal.


Print copies of important documentation. An international move can extend for a few weeks. Put all documents in one folder and keep it in a safe place until the time of departure. You should carry this folder with you upon arrival in the country of destination. 

Find out which documents need to be registered in the country of destination. Many countries require official documents to be legalized in order to be processed. This is common in the case of a work visa, for example. When moving abroad, it is advisable that your passports are valid for at least another year. Organize the necessary visas for all family members. 

Driving License

Research on whether an international driver’s license is required in the country of destination. If so, it is advisable to arrange it in the Netherlands to avoid any inconvenience upon arrival. 


Check which vaccinations are required in the country of destination. This can be done at the GGD. Clearly state that it concerns an emigration (international relocation). You can also contact the KLM travel clinics.

It is advisable to consult your health insurance provider as they may be partnered with organizations that provide vaccinations. In some cases, the vaccinations may be reimbursed.

Remember to keep your vaccination passport in the folder with the other important documents.

Health insurance

Buy an expat insurance policy. Compare quotes and choose the package that best suits your circumstances. 

Address changes

Consider which institutions you need to inform about your international removal. The most important ones are:

  • Municipality. Check their website for information. 
  • Bank/financial institutions.

Designate an address in the Netherlands for your mail to be delivered. It is advisable to nominate an authorized representative in the Netherlands to take care of your affairs. It is a good idea to use their address as your postal address. This person should keep a copy of all your important documents.

Subscriptions and memberships cancellations

You need to cancel all current subscriptions and memberships before moving abroad. Some of them may be:

  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Sports Clubs
  • Associations
  • Meals delivery services


If you live in a rented property, terminate your lease in advance. If you are a home owner, you should decide whether you wish to sell your property or rent it out. You may do this through AN Vastgoed (

Make sure your property is in good conditions for the new tenants. If needed, action any minor repairs.

Cleaning up

If you wish to sell your personal belongings, you should start as soon as possible. You may offer them in the following platforms:

  • Marketplace (link)
  • Your city’s Facebook page (link)
  • Garage sale

Dispose of any items that are not suitable for sale. 


Ask any doctors, medical specialists and dentists for your medical records in advance. Explain that it is for the purpose of emigrating. You may request to remain as a ‘passive’ patient in case you visit again in the future. 

If you use specific medication, it is important to find out whether it is available in the country of destination. If not, make sure you take enough supplies with you. Carry your medicines in your hand luggage . You will need a document to present to customs, which can be supplied by your doctor. 

Cancellation of services

Change your address to your designated postal address in the Netherlands wherever possible. Consider cancelling the following services:

  • Power
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Insurances
  • Health insurance
  • Mobile phone subscriptions

If you wish to keep your number, consider transferring to a prepaid plan. 

Continue packing and put aside the items that you will continue to use until the move and the ones that you will carry with you on the trip. 

Moving Day

The time has come!

Pack the items that you will carry with you on the trip. If you will be staying at a hotel before your flight, take them with you. Bring as many clothes as you can fit within your luggage allowance. They are everything you will have available until your shipment is delivered to your new home.

Inspect the house and check that nothing has been left behind. Capture the moment: it is a memorable milestone in your life!

Go over the inventory list and schedule with the move manager. The first part of your international removal is almost done!

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